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TNT Mission

At TNT Archery, our mission is to build the most comfortable, portable and user friendly bows in the world.

We are avid hunters, and here in California our archery deer season begins in early to mid July. Bucks won’t even begin the rut for another 2 1/2 months. Most days the temperature will hover in the high 90’s to low 100’s. If that isn’t enough of a disadvantage then you’ll enjoy the steep and unforgiving terrain. There is not a lot of deer movement, so we spot and stalk from sun up to sun down. We hunt under extreme conditions. We’re more likely to run into mosquitoes and rattlesnakes than deer. So if you want to be successful you have to get away from the crowds and that means hunting in more remote areas.

That’s how we came up with the concept for this bow. We wanted a bow that was compact, therefore, portable. Hiking, backpacking, bicycling, mountain climbing and horseback riding are much easier if your bow isn’t the size of an albatross.

We also wanted a bow that was user friendly. Let’s say you’re miles from the nearest road and you accidentally cut your string with a broadhead. What do you do? Our bow requires only a common wrench and in literally 15-20 minutes you can have a new string and cable installed.

And more importantly we wanted a bow that is fun to shoot. Most people don’t touch their bows for 10 months a year. Why? Probably because they’re bow is uncomfortable. Most bows are chasing speed and with speed… a string that is ready to rip out of your release. This increases anticipation and trigger punch. If you combine that with the fact that most people are overdrawn and shoot too heavy of a draw weight you start to see why their bow is uncomfortable to shoot. It’s not fun, it becomes work. Practice makes perfect. Right! We truly believe we could harvest an animal with any bow on the market. But for us it comes down to one thing. Comfort.

In early 2007 we began to work on a bow that would fulfill all of these objectives. The Revolution was started and the perfect hunting bow was born. It turned heads everywhere we went. And everyone who shot it was impressed. That’s when we knew we had something. TNT Archery was formed and in August 15th 2008 we opened doors.

Belle posing with her beautiful Audad at Fort McKavett Ranch
Mario and his remote spring bear. His bow is in his backpack
We had a great time filming an Audad hunt at Fort McKavett Ranch Look for it on "Lethal Injection"
We are proud sponsors of Jacob Gomes. He was the NASSCAR Whelen 2009 National Rookie of the year